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We Provide 360 Degree Digital Solution for Real Estate Companies.

GrandPosh Techno Pvt. Ltd. is a tech-driven platform that enables collaboration between Real Estate Developers and Channel partners (brokers) with a view to provide a seamless end-to-end offering for the home seeker.

GrandPosh aims to be a one-stop transparent and trusted platform for the entire real estate ecosystem in India.

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We have a result-oriented approach that reflects through our services. Let us knowabout your requirements and discover how GrandPosh can fulfil them.

We perform best SEO practices for your website to rank higher and build your brand presence online, which includes marketing tactics that stand out from the rest of your competitors. Plus, we help you in designing and deploying your website with the right content to achieve the best digital proficiency for you online.


Property Selling. Simplified.


Partner with us for end-to-end marketingand sales, right from strategy to execution.

Brokerage. Simplified.


Partner with us to become a SuperBroker today and enjoy working with top Real Estate brands, best projects, timely brokerage and incentive payouts, quarterly and annual rewards and much more.


Real estate marketing refers to the process of promoting and selling real estate properties through various channels such as online advertising, social media, and direct mail. The goal of real estate marketing is to generate leads and attract potential buyers or renters to the properties being marketed.

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Real estate sales refer to the process of buying, selling, and transferring ownership of real property, including land and buildings. It involves various activities such as marketing, negotiating, and completing the transaction to achieve a successful sale.

The real estate sales process involves marketing, advertising, and negotiating the sale of property. It includes determining the property’s value, listing it, and showcasing it to potential buyers. Real estate sales growth is a crucial factor in the process, as it indicates market health and can drive investment. A successful sales process requires effective communication and negotiation skills to ensure a successful transaction for both the buyer and seller.

Sales are the backbone of the real estate industry, and with the rise of online sales, the industry is seeing a surge in growth. Real estate sales growth is a key indicator of market health and can drive investment and development. Real estate online sales have made the market more accessible, leading to increased competition and innovation in sales strategies. Sales are essential for generating revenue and driving the growth of the industry.

Channel partners play a vital role in real estate brokering as they help expand a broker network and increase real estate sales. A channel partner network can provide access to new markets and clients, allowing brokers to increase their reach and generate more revenue. Channel partners also offer valuable expertise and resources, helping brokers streamline their operations and deliver better services to their clients. Ultimately, channel partners are essential in helping brokers grow their businesses and stay competitive in the market.

Effective real estate sales and marketing strategies are key to attracting buyers, especially during a real estate project launch. Utilizing digital marketing and social media to showcase the property can help reach a wider audience. Hosting virtual tours and open houses can also attract potential buyers. Offering incentives and exclusive deals can generate excitement and motivate buyers to make a purchase. Building a strong brand and reputation can also help attract repeat buyers and referrals.

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